AP Physics 1 Due Dates

09/03 Signed safety contract Toy car experiment 09/06 Ticker tape freefall experiment 09/11 Freefall analysis with Tracker 09/19 Projectile analysis with Tracker 09/27 Inertial mass analysis 10/03 Force and acceleration analysis 10/10 Friction analysis 10/18 Incline analysis 10/25 Mass analysis 10/29 Exam 1 self-assessment 10/30 Springs analysis 11/01 Exam 2 self-assessment 11/05 Any missing assignements from Quarter 1 11/15 Conservation of energy analysis I (A, C, and G periods) 11/22 Conservation of energy analysis I (E period) Conservation of energy analysis II (A, C, and G periods) 11/27 Power estimation (C and G periods) Conservation of energy analysis II (E period) 12/04 Power estimation (A and E periods) 12/06 Impulse analysis 12/13 Conservation of momentum analysis 01/03 Balancing analysis 01/17 Torque and rotational inertia analysis 01/21 Rolling analysis 01/24, 2:30pm All missing assignements from Q2