AP 1 Online Assignment Schedule

Steps for the exam

On May 13th:
- Check your email for your e-ticket
- Collect the resources you plan to use (printed equation sheet, calculator, ruler, notes, and any internet bookmarks you think may be useful)
- Watch the exam walkthrough video and decide which method you will use for submission
- Print the exam checklist and complete it
- Look-over these solutions to technical issues to avoid any problems
- Print this situational chart if you think it might be helpful
- Email any questions

On May 14th:
- Click on the link in your e-ticket at 3:30pm
- Follow the instructions provided that will step you through the entire testing process
- Email any questions

In quarter four, we'll use the AP Classroom website you saw back in September. Hopefully, you remember your password. The reviews are called Personal Progress Checks and should appear at the times and dates listed in the table below. For each set of three assignments, the questions will be available for exactly one week, so you can distribute their completion however you like.

That is the extent of what I'm allowed to assign per state guidelines, but I've also posted some optional free response practice with answers for Fridays. The actual AP exam has been scheduled for Thursday, May 14th at 4:00pm, will consist of forty-five minutes of free response questions, and will be open-book. Further details are here and, if this isn't really what you signed-up for, you can not take the exam and a refund will be mailed to you at the end of the school year.

Recently released from The College Board:
Confirm your email address
Video series describing the exam process
Checklist they want you to use for the exam (you can also use this for the May 4th practice exam they recommend you try)
Full information about the exams
Practice exam
Recommended and required resources
Review videos
You should get an email on the 12th with your e-ticket. Use it to log-in at 3:30pm on the 14th.

Note: To accomodate the changes decided-upon for what would have been April vacation, the third column assignments will open one week earlier and remain open for two weeks.

Question sets 1D Kinematics
Dynamics (2)
Centripetal, gravity (2)
Momentum (2)
Rotation (2)
A period
Open April 6, 9:30am
Due April 13, 9:30am
Open April 13, 9:30am
Due April 20, 9:30am
Open April 13, 9:30am
Due April 27, 9:30am
Open April 27, 9:30am
Due May 4, 9:30am
C period
Open April 7, 9:30am
Due April 14, 9:30am
Open April 14, 9:30am
Due April 21, 9:30am
Open April 14, 9:30am
Due April 28, 9:30am
Open April 28, 9:30am
Due May 5, 9:30am
E period
Open April 8, 9:30am
Due April 15, 9:30am
Open April 15, 9:30am
Due April 22, 9:30am
Open April 15, 9:30am
Due April 29, 9:30am
Open April 29, 9:30am
Due May 6, 9:30am
G period
Open April 9, 9:30am
Due April 16, 9:30am
Open April 16, 9:30am
Due April 23, 9:30am
Open April 16, 9:30am
Due April 30, 9:30am
Open April 30, 9:30am
Due May 7, 9:30am
Free response
Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions