Final project

Step 1 - due 11:59pm on May 20th

Create a Google document and title it using the format:
Class period - AP 1 project - Last Name
i.e. C - AP 1 project - Johnston

Share that document with and include editing permission

At the top of the document, make a simple list of things you're interested in, i.e.

1. Playing soccer
2. Playing guitar
3. Working on the robotics team
4. Painting watercolors
5. 3D printing

There's no minimum or maximum, but the longer your list, the more freedom you'll have in choosing a project topic

Step 2 - due 11:59pm on May 26th

Add to your list at least three possible experiments, i.e.

1. Playing soccer
2. Playing guitar
  a. How does the force applied to the string influence the loudness?
  b. How does the position of playing along the string influence the diversity of the tonal spectrum?
3. Working on the robotics team
  a. How does the voltage across the motors influence the robot's acceleration?
4. Painting watercolors
5. 3D printing

You may not have much experience thinking-of variables to test in physical situations, so this step could take some feedback and negotiation next week. Over the next few days, I will add some comments to your list about the potential it has for this kind of experimentation.

Step 3 - due 11:59pm on May 29th

Decide upon one single experiment. Append the document with:

1. How does _______________ affect _______________ ?

2. A description of how the independent variable of the first blank will be measured and varied (over ten data points).

3. A description of how the dependent variable of the second blank will be measured.

4. A description of how any relevant contols will be managed.


1. How does the force applied to a guitar string influence the string loudness?

2. One through ten pennies will be tied to a light thread tied to the high E string. The thread will then be cut.
The force of gravity on the different systems will cause different forces to be applied to the string.

3. The loudness will be measured by the Decibel X app on a smartphone held 10cm from the guitar string.

4. The positions and orientations of the guitar and phone will be held constant for each trial.

Step 4 - due 11:59pm on June 5th

Add to the end of your Google document a data table with:

- columns with headings and units
- ten trials with data for the independent and dependent variables

Step 5 - due 11:59pm on June 10th

Create a new Google document entitled Experiment Report - [Last Name]

Complete the report using the same steps for unguided labs:

1. Title
2. Objective of the experiment
3. List of equipment used
4. Description of procedure
- explicit enough that it could be replicated without clarification
- diagrams if helpful in accomplishing the above
5. Data tables
- independent variable in the left column
- column headings with units
- at least ten data pairs with a reasonably-wide range
6. Graph of original data
- independent variable along the x-axis
- axes labeled with concepts and units
- regression curve
7. Linearized graph if (6) is not linear
- axes labeled with concepts and units
-regression curve
8. Function of the original data
- use representative variables rather than x and y
9. Summary of what the function indicates about the physical quantities tested