Core Values

The mission of Longmeadow High School is to provide all students with high quality, challenging educational opportunities which will empower them to actively participate in and to contribute to a changing, global society. In order to succeed in the 21st century, we recognize that we and our students must demonstrate competency in oral and written communication skills, be self-directed, have a sense of social responsibility, be able to use technology effectively, and work independently and collaboratively. We are committed to offering rigorous courses that incorporate technology, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and practical application.


Science Department Primary SWE Solve Problems

Solve problems.



Needs improvement


Uses a variety of reasoning methods or determines best methods to solve problems.

Uses an appropriate method to solve problems.

Has difficulty determining which methods and/or uses inappropriate methods when solving problems.


Demonstrates correct use and clear understanding of concepts, principles and theories when solving problems.

Demonstrates basic understanding and of concepts, principles and theories when solving problems.

Does not demonstrate understanding of concepts, principles and theories when solving problems.


Consistently applies accurate technical knowledge to solve problems.

Some application of technical knowledge is evident.

Rarely uses technical knowledge to solve problems.


Analyzes problems in a well-organized, logical manner.

Some analysis of the problem is evident.

Has difficulty analyzing problems.


Independently makes connections to prior knowledge and applies them in new situations.

Understands connections between new material and prior knowledge when presented.

Does not connect new and prior knowledge







Appropriately judges reasonableness of results and consistently draws accurate conclusions in problems.

With prompting, can understand both reasonableness of results and understand conclusions presented.

Fails to judge accuracy of results or draw appropriate conclusions.


Independently uses technology to

efficiently investigate or solve problems when appropriate.

Uses technology with guidance to investigate and/or solve problems.

Unable to effectively use technology to investigate and/or solve problems.


Department Expectations for Student Learning


Students who study science at Longmeadow High School are expected to:


1. Understand natural scientific processes by using methods of scientific inquiry to plan, conduct, draw conclusions, and evaluate scientific investigations

2. Understand the fundamental concepts of science by making connections between the various science disciplines such as Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Technology/Engineering

3. Improve scientific skills of manipulating equipment, collecting data (observing & measuring), replicating experiments, and reporting data through laboratory activities and fieldwork in order to support a scientific argument

4. Study and learn about important historical and contemporary investigations and solutions that have led to new knowledge about the world around them.

5. Convey their scientific understanding to others in written, verbal, and visual forms using Standard Written English when appropriate

6. Learn the fundamental concepts for competency in the areas of Life Sciences and Physical Sciences