Assignment 10

Read pages 175 to top of 193 and answer the following questions:

1. What is the difference between voluntary and non-voluntary euthanasia?

2. What moral differences, if any, exist between the following situations:
(a) someone tells you they plan to kill themselves with sleeping pills and you make no effort to stop them
(b) someone who cannot go shopping asks you to purchase sleeping pills for them for suicide, and you do so
(c) someone quadripalegic asks you to feed them enough sleeping pills to end their life and you do so
(d) someone who cannot swallow asks you for a lethal injection of morphine and you provide it

3. Critics of Singer often charge him with claiming that infanticide should be freely practiced.  In actuality,
what factors are important in deciding upon a specific case of infanticide?

4. What is the counterargument to the claim that ending the lives of disabled fetuses will naturally lead to 
discrimination against adults with disabilities?

5. In the last section, what distinction does Singer make between euthanizing disabled newborns and permanently 
comatose adults?

6. What are your own views of when it is or is not legitimate (over the span from conception to natural death)
to euthanize a member of the human species?