Assignment 14

Read pages 247 to 263 and answer the following questions:

1. After reading the thought experiment in the first few pages, for which measure of the referendum would you vote
and what would be your reasoning?  If there could be a second vote, would there be a fourth proposal you would prefer?

2. Should there be a distinction made between those fleeing a country to avoid religious or political persecution
and those fleeing the country to avoid drought or famine?

3. The questions surrounding immigration into America are vast and complex, but what are some fundamental guidelines you
believe in that could provide direction to an immigration policy you would support?

4. What are some of the factors Singer suggests should be considered in deciding how many refugees are to be permitted 
into one's own country?

5. Suppose one of the high schools in Springfield suffered an electrical fire and the entire building was no longer
available for use.  What would be your response to the suggestion that some fraction of those students be allowed to
attend high school at Longmeadow, enough so that each of your classes would have five Springfield students added to it?
What do you expect would be the response of teachers, parents, and the entire Longmeadow community?