Assignment 16

Read pages 289 to 313 and answer the following questions:

1. For each of the following, describe a situation in which nearly all would agree that the end justifies the means:
(a) lying to a friend (b) shoplifting an item from a store (c) breaking into a building.

2. What factors does Singer suggest should enter consideration when deciding whether or not to engage in an act of 
civil disobedience?

3. What is Singer's response to someone who claims civil disobedience cannot be justified in a democracy
because legitimate channels for social change are available?

4. And yet, what reasons does Singer give for judging the democratic process to have significant moral weight?

5. What faults in the current legal and political environment might one point to in arguing we live a a democracy
far from ideal?

6. What reasons does Singer provide in suggesting we should be wary of believing the means of violence justify the
ends we desire?

There is one final reading which I have decided against using. For the sake of completeness, it can be found here.