Assignment 19

Read this third selection and answer the following questions:

1. What is an example of a being which is not moral, but behaves morally?  What is an example of a being that is
moral, but does not behave morally?

2. If you made a list of all acts which you believe should be prohibited, what are a few examples?  If this list was
comprehensive, would that entail an entire moral philosophy and guide?  Why or why not?

3. What is one example of an act which is legal, but you believe immoral?  What is one example of an act which you
believe is illegal, but moral?

4. What is the difference between seeing the American prison system as a medium of punishment and as a medium of 

5. Provide an example of a moral judgment that is intimately connected to both one's emotions and motivations.

6. According to section 3.2, why do we so easily feel certain acts are wrong without being able to explain why
they are wrong?

7. Why can a single act of immorality be so damaging to one's reputation?  And why is reputation so important to us in 
the first place?