Assignment 4

Read pages 55 to the top of 68 and answer the following questions:

1. What is Singer's essential argument for giving rights to non-human animals?

2. In what situations might a human feel more pain than an animal, if treated the same way?  In what situations 
might a human feel less pain?

3. What is Singer's response to the objection that we simply have no way of knowing how much animals 
actually suffer?

4. Consider a piece of chicken or steak you ate recently.  Do you have any ethical obligations regarding how that
animal was treated during its life?  What minimum conditions for the animal would enable you to feel comfortable
supporting that process of food production?

5. What justification is acceptable for conducting research on animals in which they experience suffering?

6. What is your opinion of Singer's argument that affording fewer rights to animals is no more justifiable
than affording fewer rights to infants or severely mentally disabled adults?