Assignment 6

Read pages 83 to 109 and answer the following questions.  
(The missing terms on the first page are "human life" and "human")

1. What is your opinion of the doctors choosing to keep Andrew Stinson alive for six months against the wishes
of the parents?  What factors influence this opinion?

2. What problems arise in using the phrase "human being" and how does Singer address this issue?

3. Suppose someone advanced the theological arguments for giving humans greater rights than animals, as mentioned
on page 89.  What counter-arguments could be made against these claims?

4. What is the difference between classic and preference utilitarianism?  Why do the two reach different conclusions
regarding the legitimacy of killing another person?

5. What is Tooley's argument against the "Choose Life - Your Mother Did" bumper sticker, which implies abortion 
is wrong because it takes away the kind of life which you now enjoy?

6. Singer claims it may be useful to accept broad, intuitive guidelines for ethical decisions rather than calculating
each individual decision according to utilitarian principles.  Do you believe this is valid or is instead an underhanded
way of supporting principles for which there is little other support?

7. Do you agree with the idea that autonomy is a basic moral right?  What problems arise if everyone is allowed
to be entirely autonomous at all times?

8. How does Singer resolve the problem with someone claiming, "Every animal is equally valuable because every animal
is equally important to itself"?