Assignment 7

Read pages 110 to 134 and answer the following questions:

1. If the qualities of personhood are self-consciousness, a sense of the future, and the capacity for thought, 
what evidence does Singer provide for each of these in the higher primates?

2. Reading about what these primates can do, are you inclined to give them greater rights than other animals
who are less able?

3. What is the distinction between beings who are replaceable and those who are not?  What ethical significance
does this distinction have?

4. How does Singer's concept of a moral ledger help to address the issues of replacability?

5. What is one problem that arises in either Singer's moral ledger or his journey metaphor?

6. Under what conditions is Singer comfortable with the killing of animals for human consumption?

7. Assuming you do not agree entirely with Singer's summary (pages 131-134), in what respects do you disagree
and for what reasons?

8. As a preface to the next assignment, answer the following before completing that reading:  What is your view 
on the ethics of abortion?