Honors Physics 451, 5.5 credits                                              



Mr. Keller, Room 222,


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This is a college preparatory course using a text which emphasizes problem solving. Extensive algebra and some right-angle trigonometry are used throughout the course. It is designed primarily for students with a strong background in math and science who wish to pursue careers in science, engineering or medicine. The course includes theory, problem solving, and laboratory experiments presented through lectures, demonstrations, video and on-line resources. Topics covered are: motion in one and two dimensions, circular motion, vectors, force, potential and kinetic energy, momentum and collisions, waves, electrostatics, and electric circuits.


COURSE WEBSITE:  Course information beyond what is within this syllabus, along with Core Values and Expectations is posted on this site.



Holt Physics, Serway and Faughn

Although the textbook is available, I do not rely upon one in the class, so I will not distribute them.  If you would still like to sign one out, let me know and you will be free to do so.



1) A scientific calculator

2) Pens or pencils and paper



The grades are based upon an unweighted point system, but each quarter grade will follow these approximate percentages:

Tests – 50%

Experiments – 25%

Classworks – 25%


Turn assignments in the stacked trays on the side of the room.  Graded papers can be collected from the outgoing stack of trays.

Due dates for assignments will be provided in class.  After a zero is entered for a missing assignment, you have three school days to turn it in late for 50% credit.



A student who misses more than 7 classes of a subject during one marking period may fail the course that quarter.  At the teacher's discretion, the student may receive the lesser of a grade of 59 or the actual grade earned.



Keep phones and MP3 players off and stored.  Ask if you need to use them for some reason. 

Don’t eat in class.  I will throw out whatever you are attempting.

Return equipment and supplies to their original positions before leaving.

Ask to use the hall pass before leaving class. 

Don’t leave for the day until the bell rings.

Be civil.


If you have questions or concerns, the best idea is to schedule a time to meet after school.  Also, feel free to send an email to the above address.