Physclips: Very good lessons on mechanics and waves and relativity. Physion: A program similar to Gravity Master at Physics Games. MIT Open Courseware Open Yale Courses: Includes the physics lectures of Ramamurti Shankar. Hyperphysics: Physics presented in a concept-map. Textbook companion websites Wilson and Buffa Cutnell and Johnson Giancoli Giambattista, Richardson, and Richardson Miscellaneous A frequency generator and a frequency analyzer are in a zipped file here. I can only hear up to 16 kHz. And the frequency program I use for demonstrations. Useful for writing: A portion of Strunk's The Elements of Style Astronomy picture of the day A tutorial on writing bad lab reports. Ericsson's research on expertise. A report on some research about colleges and more by Gregg Easterbrook. A page devoted to Richard Feynman. Science informs our view of reality, but doesn't really tell us how to live. For that guidance, I'm partial to the wisdom of Epictetus. Other quotes. Various other writings: The values of science My non-fiction years My inclination towards Zen Buddhism A brief argument against personal identity and another. Past NHS speeches: One Two Three Four Sometimes students ask me about the meaning of life, so I wrote an answer. Past Jet Jotter articles: One Two Three Four Thinking of joining National Physics Honor Society? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.