Read this essay by Hofstadter on creativity and answer the following in 500 words.


1. Suppose you were asked to play The Imitation Game / The Turing Test .  What questions would you ask?  What types of responses would tip you off that it was a computer in the other room rather than another person?


2. What is a concept?


3. What are sphexish and antisphexish behaviors?  Create your own spectrum with:

  1. an example of an extremely sphexish behavior
  2. an example of a moderately sphexish behavior
  3. an example of a moderately antisphexish behavior
  4. an example of an extremely antisphexish behavior


4. How could a computer be programmed to “self-watch”?  What is the importance of self-watching?  Why must it be finite rather than infinite?


5. How are sphexishness, self-watching, and creativity related according to Hofstadter?