Assignment five

Here is a short reading from the next section by Russell.  In it, he suggests that induction
is not the only rational principle assumed to be true.  This is also shown by a dialogue
between the Tortoise and Achilles by Lewis Carroll.  But to understand the context of that
dialogue, first read a little about one of Zeno's paradoxes here.
Then read the Carroll dialogue here.
Answer the following questions.  There is no minimum word count; just write whatever is 
necessary for clear, thorough answers.
1. To answer Zeno's paradox, how is possible for Achilles to ever catch the Tortoise if
the Tortoise is given a head start?
2. Suppose you present someone with the following syllogism:
               A. Two men, Jim and Bob, are walking down the hallway.  One is wearing a green 
               shirt and one is wearing a red shirt.
               B. Bob is wearing a green shirt.
               Z. Jim must be wearing a red shirt.
Most people would say that if A and B are true, Z must be true.  But Lewis Carroll says 
there is actually a third principle, C, which must be accepted.  What is it?  And why 
are even these three principles, A, B, and C, insufficient to accept Z?